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Elemental essence of dill!

Like our organic fennel pollen, dill pollen is harvested from the tiny flower tips of the dill plant. Similar to the harvest of saffron threads, the process of gathering just the pollen-dense tips of the yellow flowers is a painstaking one! At Kandarian Organic Farms, our organic fennel and dill flower heads are snipped by hand at the peak of blossoming, one by one, then dried in the California sunshine. Once dry, the tiny yellow tips are rubbed off, then screened to remove lingering stems or buds that are not rich with pollen. We are confident that ours is the purest, most carefully collected pollen on the market today.

A note about color. Dill pollen should not be green or contain thick or woody stems. As you shop for pollen, take careful note of the color. Green dill pollen, for example, indicates the presence of dill weed mixed in with the pollen. Dill weed, although lovely, is not what you are paying for! High quality pollens should be sandy golden in color, with visible pollen granules making up the bulk of the texture.

What does it taste like? Like dill seed's brighter, cleaner, sweeter sister. It has a complexity of flavor unmatched in most single ingredient spices.

How do you use this tasty stuff? Try our organic dill pollen anywhere you would use ground or powdered dill seed or dried dill weed for a difference you’ll have to taste to believe. Use dill pollen in any recipe that calls for dill stalk or seeds.


Tags: gluten free
Type: Pollens    
Vendor: Kandarian Organic Farms

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